Name: People call me Soan (So it's not my actual character name).
Location: Ruairi, mostly in Ch3.
Destiny: Bard. And have a glory sword in my back for no reason. I mean, I use it when I'm fighting...
Things that I use: My ears, fingers to type, and mmq...THIS THING ROCKS






Welcome to Milletian Incubus Project.
You can find me in Mabinogi(MMROG form Nexon)
Or Vindictus(MMROG from Nexon)
I post some Mabinogi MML(Mabinogi Music Score) in this blog xD
Or...just MML lol....

Please remind that all of the MML that are posted here are made by me.
The copyrights of the MMLs are from me, and the songs are from the singer/writer...NOT YOU.
Never say that you have made the MML that belongs to here.
Please be responsible of the copied MML.
Do not sell the MML that belongs to here, or music scrolls that has a MML that was copied from this blog. They belong to me.
Whenever posting MMLs from this blog to an another website/blog, please let me know by commenting or messaging. I might tell that there should be the name of this blog/who have the copyrights in wherever the MMLs are going to be posted.

If you are able to handle this, you can copy any song that you liked...please enjoy them xD

I am recruiting members of Milletian Incubus Project. Anyone can join if you like/love music! We basically share our MMLs, request MMLs to each other, and make MML for one other so we can enjoy a lot of music in Mabinogi! However, I don't need a fool who doesn't give credits to the maker of MML, whenever you are playing it in Mabinogi.
Everyone should know that

Current Member
Leader: Soan
MML Creator: Lapislazzuli,Volge
Instrumentalist: Janaff00,Tonarimo



↓My favorite artist, Zektbach's work xD↓

↑ Blog parts from official website of Zektbach↑


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